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What Makes Collaborative Law Cost-Effective?

Each divorce and legal dispute has unique characteristics. Divorcing couples always have specific needs, conflicts and goals. Strategies are therefore tailored to the clients' specific issues and disputes. One of the most important decisions made early on is the process they will undergo to finalize their marital dissolution.

For over 30 years, Washington family law attorney Tom Cena has helped two opposing sides come together to resolve legal disputes in an efficient, cost-effective and respectful process. And for the last eight years, solutions have been found quickly and inexpensively in a collaborative divorce, saving time and money. In addition, children are spared the emotional trauma of parents fighting over them.

Helping Divorcing Pierce County Couples Save Time, Money And Stress

Collaborative resolution allows clients to resolve disputes with dignity, respect, and with a minimum of emotional damage and stress. It typically also achieves a result that is much more gentle and beneficial to any children involved.

One additional aspect that draws couples to the collaborative process is the significant cost savings involved. Divorces that go to trial cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even marital dissolutions that are successfully mediated still cost many thousands of dollars.

Reduced costs are a result of few lawyers involved in the process. Collaborative divorce involves teams where attorneys collaborate with family and child specialists, financial experts and therapists all trained in the collaborative model.

Depending on the complexities of the case, both emotional and legal, couples will attend a number of meetings with an attorney and other members of the collaborative professional team.

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