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What Is Collaborative Law?

What Is Collaborative Law And How Does It Differ From Divorce Litigation?

The difference between the collaborative process and traditional divorce litigation is that the professionals involved are not just focused on their clients or themselves. Each member of a team composed of attorneys, family specialists, financial specialists, child specialists and coaches is committed to securing a result that is crafted and agreed to by the clients themselves, with the help and assistance of the members of the collaborative professional team.

The collaborative process also saves time and money. Finally, collaborative resolution of legal disputes affords the clients more privacy than matters resolved by litigation.

A Team Process With Trained And Qualified Professionals

Washington family law attorney Thomas A. Cena is a highly trained professional who practices collaborative law with a team of other professionals who have also undergone formal training in the process. The collaborative team helps people work through the inevitably intense emotions that lead to conflict inherent in divorce actions, as well as other legal disputes. The team focuses on moving clients to workable and satisfactory resolutions with dignity and minimal trauma.

The collaborative process allows Tom Cena's clients to achieve their own agreement specifically tailored to them. It allows the participants to achieve their own result, rather than allowing an outside party to make determinations for them, specifically a judge. Also, unlike courtroom litigation, the process is confidential.

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To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Collaborative law is the worst form of dispute resolution, except for all the rest of them.

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